Telegram Saw 8M Downloads After WhatsApp Got Acquired


The App Store is a strange and whimsical bedfellow. It is a kingmaker, but with that comes the tears of the anointed, the displaced and the never-rans.

As an example of the store’s fickle nature, Flappy Bird held the Free App pole position for so long that it could not handle the success, committing seppuku. Almost immediately three clones popped up to replace it, including « Flying Cyrus », a Miley Cyrus-themed clone.

The news of WhatsApp, the world’s largest messaging app, being acquired on February 19 by the world’s largest social network also has birthed a new App Store star. Telegram, a messaging app of humble origins, has surpassed WhatsApp in the App Store rankings, just five days after the news of Facebook’s buy. Other messaging apps like TigerText and Confide could also see a related boost.

It’s easy to attribute the exodus to a specific mistrust of…

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Joanna Francis: O Muslim, I’m Jealous Of You

Acep Aprilyana

Joanna Francis is a writer and journalist from the U.S.. The Crescent and the Cross site, women who embrace the Christian religion was write an expression of his admiration for the Muslim women in Lebanon when the country was attacked by Israel in the war in 2006.
What is written Francis, although aimed at Muslim women in Lebanon, could be a mirror and encouragement for Muslim women everywhere to be proud of being a female Muslim identity, especially in the midst of modern life and the rush of Western cultural influences that could undermine confidence and determination of a Muslim to still follow the ways of life that Islam teaches.
Because out there, many other women are envious of the life and personality of the Muslim women who are still holding fast to the teachings of his religion. This is the expression of admiration for Francis at the same time…

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