Apple Patents A Way To Make Sapphire Screens Even Stronger


Apple has a new patent (via AppleInsider) that could help explain leaked videos showing a front screen material that is incredibly durable, and resistant to bending, scratching and shattering. The screen is thought to be based on manufactured sapphire, a material that has a toughness rating above glass, but a new patent reveals how Apple might be stacking the odds in its favor with a process to make it even stronger.

The patent describes a way to mimic the same kind of strengthening effects used on glass (through chemical coatings, mostly, as exemplified by Corning’s Gorilla Glass), but with an alternate « ion implanting » method that works on material like sapphire, with which the existing methods aren’t necessarily going to work.

The process uses a similar technique to the one Apple currently employs to color its black bezels on iPhones, which works via implanted ions put directly into the display…

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