8-Year-Old Raises More Than $1 Million to Help Cure His Friend’s Rare Disease

طفل ذو ثماني سنوات يجمع أكثر من مليون دولار لعلاة صديقه من مرض نادر !


Some best friends will do anything for each other – even if it means raising more than $1 million.

In 2012, when Dylan Siegel, then 6, found out his best pal, Jonah Pournazarian, had a rare liver disorder called glycogen storage disease type 1B, he decided to write a book to help raise money for a cure.

Dylan describes his friendship with Jonah as « awesome as a chocolate bar, » so he called the bookChocolate Bar and started selling copies for $20 each, according to ABC.

To date, nearly 25,000 copies have been sold in all 50 states and more than 60 countries worldwide.

Jonah, now 9, is one of just 500 children in the world with the disease, which has no cure. He fights dangerously low blood sugar and has to be fed cornstarch and water every few hours through a feeding tube in his stomach. It’s the…

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Super Cool Science Experiments You Can Do At Home

6 تجارب علمية يمكنك القيام بها في المنزل

Cute Puppy Love

These experiments are so cool. Perfect to bond with your kids, or if you are alone with nothing to do, these experiments will entertain you and teach a lot… What I love about them is that they don’t require any obscure ingredients and don’t have any dangerous side effects. These are great to do with children to teach them about the wonders of science.

Go ahead and try them, and them tell us if they worked 🙂

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